Hand Sanitizer (FDA Formula) GEL LOW ODOR

SDA-40B Hand Sanitizer (80% Ethanol Alcohol) / LOW ODOR inherent in the Alcohol


Premium Grade of Alcohol (equal to the USP Monograph for Ethanol - This means that our hand sanitizer alcohol was drinkable alcohol before it was denatured - we source our alcohol from a small selection of the largest US Alcohol producers. After the alcohol does its work for 10-15 seconds, there is no residual alcohol odor - we truly use only top quality ingredients).

Available in 55 gallon Drums and 275/330 gallon Totes

Also available in Bulk - Tanker

Please call for details/quote of Bulk order

Type: GEL

FDA / CDC / WHO Recommended Formula: 80% SDA-40B (%v/v) / In GEL Form (not Liquid)