DMI - Dimethyl Isosorbide

Dimethyl Isosorbide  
CAS No.: 5306-85-4

DMI is a 100% pure, easily formulated solvent, sustainably derived from renewable corn sugar. It is used to stabilize, solvate and deliver active ingredients into the skin for significantly higher efficacy and performance attributes over a longer time period. It is globally available for use in personal care, sun care and topical pharmaceutical applications in all quantities.

Features and Benefits:

DMI is a nonionic solvent and remains stable over most pH ranges found in cosmetics. It is an outstanding solvent / solubilizer and is highly miscible with most surfactants, cosolvents, colorants, and actives including peptides. It helps maintain formula liquidity by retarding crystal growth of otherwise insoluble materials. The solvent polarity is well matched to the epidermis and boosts the penetration of actives into the upper layers of the skin for improving efficacy and value.

In sunless tanners, this has the net effect of stabilizing DHA and providing uniform coverage for an even tan. In hair coloring, it can improve the depth of color and increase color deposition. It has even been used to reduce the overall irritation of some actives. DMI is an ideal ingredient for use in elegant hair, skin and sun care products especially in anti-acne and self-tanning products.

Application Areas:

Active Delivery Vehicles
Topical OTC Pharmaceuticals
Sunless Tanning
Topical Vitamins
Anti-acne lotions
Anti-aging Peptide Serums
Hair Care, Treatments and Colorants
Veterinary Products
Oral Care