99.7% USP Kosher Palm Glycerin ($1.00/lb for 275 gallon / 2,755 lb net) Tote cGMP

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Palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil derived from the kernel of the oil palm Elaeis guineensis

Our certified Kosher USP Palm Vegetable glycerin is not a by product of biodiesel or soap production.  Even though glycerin byproduct from biodiesel or soap production is a USP Food Grade vegetable product, the taste is just not as good when compared to our palm based product. The use of glycerin in food and personal care products would lead any market leader or scientific formulator to use the best tasting and smelling ingredient(s). Most other leading glycerin resellers are selling biodiesel byproduct glycerin and you can taste and smell the difference. Our palm based product is ethically and sustainably produced from non-GMO palm oil, not the genetically modified soy bean oil based biodiesel glycerin, generally offered by the market.

Our palm glycerin is manufactured according to standards for sustainable practices set forth by the Rainforest Alliance and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. It is carefully produced, packaged and stored to maintain its purity, freshness and excellent taste. Compare it to generally available USA produced biodiesel glycerin(s) offered at similar prices by the general market, and once you do a smell and taste test, you will never use the genetic modified biodiesel byproduct glycerin again.

Palm based glycerin is the perfect and only choice, when great taste and neutral odor is what your product is all about.

Palm Kernel Glycerin is outstanding in vapor making - (this brand has best tast and odor profile in the market).

BOILING POINT                    :           554 . F,   290 . C

VAP. PRESS.                          :           <1.0 MMHG @ 20 . C

VAP. DENSITY                       :           3.1


SPEC. GRAVITY                     :           > 1.249 @ 25/25

APPEARANCE                        :           WATER WHITE LIQUID

ODOR                                       :           CHARACTERISTIC

Asian source, and quality is Excellent!

Shipping by Commercial Carrier Only.

HDPE IBC Tote 40"L x 48"W x 46"H, ANSI MH2 Compliant

Totes are Non-Returnable

Contact us for a shipping quote if special considerations/requirements

Reviews (1)

the best glycerin

Written by Elena on 29th Aug 2018

it&#039;s the best glycerin i have ever bought!

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